Our School

About Us

Capital City School (CCS) is a school that uses traditional and alternative teaching strategies. The primary aim of the school is to individualize education for students whose needs may be best met through study outside the regular classroom. It allows teachers to take into account your educational goals, interests, aptitudes, and abilities to design an educational plan to meet your needs. Capital City School aims to provide a quality learning environment to students who want to accelerate their education. We provide programs that enable students to graduate early, while attending Community College concurrently. Capital City School’s individualized study program is compatible for students who wish to focus on other activities, such as sports, without compromising education.

Students are expected to meet or exceed the same curriculum expectations as in a traditional school. They will attend school up to five days per week and will be required to do a minimum of twenty hours of homework per week. Thirty to forty hours of homework per week will need to be done in order to stay on target for graduation. Students will meet with your teacher either individually or within a group. There may be small groups, labs and/or tutorials to attend; teachers may require attendance in school for extra study or tutoring.

The Three Levels of Study at Capital City School


In the elementary grades, the parent must attend all teacher meetings as they are the primary instructor for you at home following the instructions provided by the CCS teacher. Your work is assessed, problems are discussed, and new assignments are made for the following week. The assignments include all subjects you would study in regular school and it is important that the parent(s) and teacher work together. You are expected to study several hours daily. If you parent chooses CCS for you, he/she must be able to teach you as well as objectively evaluate your work in progress in cooperation with your teacher. You will be encouraged to take advantage of local offerings such as government, museums, historical landmarks, etc., while setting up projects. You will be continuously assessed to determine if CCS is meeting your needs at the end of the trimester, your teacher, parent and you will evaluate whether you will continue in the program or return to regular school.


Your parents are encouraged to come with you to your weekly meetings with the teacher. Work is assessed, you are tested for mastery of skill and your teacher designs the next assignment for your based on your learning style and ability. CCS has observed that parents who work closely with their children and provide support tend to see them reach high levels of success. You will do work in all academic core subjects as well as physical education and art.


Parents are encouraged to support you at home and to come to weekly activities with you. It is wise to choose daily study hours and to have a well-lit and comfortable study area. It is also wise to set daily goals for the work to be accomplished. You are encouraged to complete three assignments per week in order to graduate on time. Once you complete the graduation requirements, you may graduate from CCS. Some students choose to accelerate their educational offering and can graduate early from CCS.

Our Mission

To assure academic success through:

  • A challenging personalized, interactive, multicultural curriculum.
  • Shared governance by the principal, teachers, staff, parents, students, and community members.
  • Effective coordination of services.

What we do extremely well at Capital City School:

  • Capital City has been extremely effective in helping students graduate. In many instances, these are students who may otherwise have dropped out of high school altogether.
  • Capital City School provides students access to counselors and other services to help meet their academic, social, career, and emotional needs. We offer a variety of on-site services including tutoring, math, and reading/writing labs, computer-assisted learning and small group direct instruction.