2017 – 2018

Welcome back students and their families. This year we will embark on some changes to the rigor of our curriculum, and to define our electives for the high school level. We will begin to create our “Big picture cohort” which will help our students to identify, research and then get into a career while still in HS. This year we will begin to implement our Project Green campaign. This campaign is designed to provide curriculum, outreach and campus pride by teaching reduce, reuse and recycle. Our goal in several years is to have an Eco-Friendly campus whereas we are reducing our carbon footprint on the Earth for our future generations.

As a school, we will begin to get our curriculum onto the Google drive so we can deliver work to our students who may miss an appointment but want to stay on pace for graduation. At Cap City, we will continue to lead the students towards graduation and will work to make sure we are identifying those students who are close and setting them up with graduation plans for success after High School. We will work to make sure all our courses are aligned with the Common Core and we are offering grade level appropriate content to our students.

Some new projects that we will be asking parents and students to participate in will be Project Green: our goal to reduce, reuse and recycle. Project Green week is October 2-7, with lessons being taught in some of your classes. Several field trips will be planned to educational locations throughout Sacramento, so be sure to discuss with your teacher if interested. Our Counselors will be setting up 2 college campus tours for interested students, please check the college and career readiness board in the office.

My teachers are all beginning to offer work using the Smartboard technology as well as allowing work to be submitted using the student’s gmail accounts. We encourage all students to call or email teachers if they will be late and/or miss an appointment. Showing up to your appointment with your assignments complete is preparation for deadlines and work assignments throughout your life.

Every Thursday afternoon after 2:00pm is designated for a staff meeting and/or a District-mandated meeting, teachers will be unavailable to meet after 2:00 pm.

Enjoy the 2017-2018 School year where we strive to make every student a success ?

Darrell Amerine