If you have any questions or concerns your counselors are here to help you!

Both Counselors Specialize in:

  • Suicide Assessment.
  • Home Visits.
  • Referrals out to other District service providers in the areas of physical and mental health.
  • Referrals to Homeless services.
  • Senior project advisement and support for students.
  • Student Transfers.
  • Infinite Campus support for staff and our site.
  • Reference letters for current and former students.
  • Foster Youth support.
  • Information regarding Adult Ed programs and diploma equivalency testing.
  • Transcript reviews.
  • Graduation planning, assessment.
  • College Majors and campuses explorations.
  • Credit adjustments.
  • Staffs and Students ID.
  • Build Resumes.
  • Collaboration with parents, students, teachers, administrators, and community members.
Kid Talking with Teacher

Please call us if you have any questions regarding student counseling

Call (916) 433-5187

Mr. Nguyen Specializes in:

  • Post-Secondary options – Military (all branch of the armed forces), passing scores on the ASVAB.
  • FAFSA, Cal Grant, Scholarships
  • SST

Mr. Whitehead Specializes in:

  • Referrals for Child Development (i.e. pregnant and parenting teen support services).
  • The lead for our sites CCGI program- Implementing and monitoring our sites use of the California College & Career planning online tool.
  • Field Trip Planning