Course Catalog

Course Agreements:

  1. Course Agreements must be set up for a six-week period for each subject.
  2. Students must have individualized Course Agreements for every subject he/she is programmed to take.
  3. Assign one academic core subject and one or more general elective subjects for a maximum of six weeks.

Attendance Rosters:

  1. Every student must receive a transitional assignment on the last day of attendance with their teacher or will be given a new assignment from the teacher.
  2. Do not permit a student to exit a course without an assignment to complete and carry to the newly assigned teacher.

Twelve-Week Semester Cycles:

  1. Grading periods are a maximum of twelve weeks unless the course is designated otherwise and approved by the Principal.
  2. Do not keep students longer than twelve (12) weeks in a core subject without any intervention. The normal pace for a core subject is six (6) weeks. If a student is not on schedule, it means that he/she has missed work or is incapable of completing the assignment on his/her own.

Recording Grades:

Review student’s transcripts regularly to ensure that all grades from the previous grading period are recorded.

Electives for Capital City Students

  1. Independent Business (CXS999):
    20 hours of work on job equal one credit. They can earn 1 credit if they complete a full (20 hour) academic assignment (10 credits per semester).
  2. Service Learning (YOS110):
    Volunteer work at any agency or a school. Great for 14-15 year olds at their local elementary (15 hours equal 1 credit). Must turn in an academic assignment for credit. No ADA collected (P grade).
  3. Reading for Pleasure (EXS999):
    Read a novel and do a book report (see book report form). Can be used for 12th grade English. I try to use books that students will be successful in (See bookshelf in the back of building for novels).
  4. Current Events – Independent Study (YIJ009):
    See file cabinet in the workroom. Four (4) current events equal one credit (answer keys in folder). Each Current Event is numbered so you can find the folder and answer key. Please put them back in numerical order.
  5. PE (PXS999):
    Use your judgement on what to give for credit (15 hours equal 1 credit – no ADA collection). I even give mothers with babies 2-hours per day for lifting, carrying, etc. It would be like a 2-hour gym workout. P Grade.
  6. Art Projects (BZS 007/008):
    See head teacher for possible projects.
  7. Video – Independent Study (YIJ109):
    Students can watch PBS, Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, 60 Minutes, Dateline, etc. One to two page report per TV show. I grade on writing skills of the essay. 5 shows equal 1 credit.