Project Green

In 2018, Capital City School will begin to implement the “Project Green” campaign. This campaign aims to provide curriculum, to serve as an outreach, as well as to boost campus pride. It teaches the basic tenets of reduce, reuse, and recycle through various activities. In several years, CCS aims to create an eco-friendly campus by reducing carbon footprint for the future generation.

This project provides an opportunity for students and faculty to play an essential part in the development, design, and implementation of series of activities. Besides caring for the environment, these activities are also designed for the benefit of the community, staff, and especially the students. One of its primary objectives is to empower students to take initiative and grow as leaders. It is a good example of applying academic knowledge to solve pressing real-world issues.

As a part of this project, each pod in campus is equipped with motion sensor lights and recycle bin. Each pod lighting and computer will go to standby mode after 15 minutes of inactivity to save energy. Moreover, we encourage our students to eat lunch outside on the picnic tables to be in touch with the environment, while interacting with other students and enjoying fresh air.

Capital City have also gone digital and paperless. We accept student assignments via email, smartboard technology, and photos. As we progress with this project, we plan to have raised planter beds and rainwater harvesting. In the next few years, we have several plans to maintain this momentum. Examples of these are to utilize hand dryers, as well as accomplish and grade assignments via the Google Classroom.

This year, the Sacramento City Unified School District is celebrating the seventh year of Project Green. The program for this year will focus on waste and recycling in cafeterias. It also pushes for increased recycling in classrooms and in the campus. The program will deliver hands-on learning opportunity for students. With this program, advisors will also be given development opportunities as we continue our collaborate approach to sustainability education.