Capital City School utilizes
Smartboard Technology
This technology allows teachers to control the flow of discussions in a more flexible way than manipulating a projector. However, smartboards are still calibrated to a computer and a projector. The projector is used to display the computer’s screen on the whiteboard. The smartboard takes it a step further as it acts as an interactive touch screen monitor for the computer. This enables teachers and students to click buttons, highlight text, as well as drag and drop items. Smartboards also allow for technology integration. Aside from computers, teachers can connect the technology to cameras, microscopes, gadgets, and anything else that could stimulate discussion.
in the daily classroom activities. Smartboards are interactive whiteboards that can enhance the curriculum by turning a typical lesson into a fun and more engaging activity.

Smartboard Technology not only makes discussions easier for teachers, it also enhances a student’s learning experience. Research has manifested that fully-engaged students are those that learn best. The interactive feature of this technology allows students to write, draw, or take notes.

It projects visual elements that can accommodate various learning styles. Visual learners are stimulated through the graphic projections, while tactile learners can learn through the sense of touch.

Smartboards also offer easy access to online resources. It can be calibrated so all students can view websites, videos, graphics, among others, through a computer application. Databases are also made available for teachers to enrich the curriculum.

With smartboard technology, education is made enjoyable in a touch of a finger.