College Prep and FAFSA

College Prep and FAFSA

Offering our students and their families guidance and recommendation to navigate the competitive application process.

For most, college preparation begins as soon as students enter freshmen year. Capital City School makes sure that we guide them every step of the way. Through our College Prep and FAFSA program, we work together with parents and students to ensure that each student attends a college or university that fits their needs.

We offer resources for students and families to assist them in their research for college options and opportunities. One-on-one advising is also available for students as they research their options. In addition, small group support is also provided in order to guide them as they navigate through the entire complex and competitive college application process. Parents can expect meticulous guidance in college and university recommendations, course selection, standardized testing, as well as accomplishing student essays.

We walk students through every college system available to them. As soon as they reach Junior year, students are guaranteed to have solid lists of colleges and universities based on their interests, profile, and financial situation.

To make the process easier and interesting for students, Capital City School makes the initiative to take our high school students on tours around various colleges in the area such as the University of California and California State University. We also arrange for tours on private colleges in the Bay Area and in Southern California.

Our College Prep and FAFSA program also exposes students to a wide variety of college and university opportunities outside the state. We welcome college presentations, as well as organize college application workshops if needed. During these activities, students are given the chance to inquire about specific questions regarding college admissions.

Capital City also provides guidance in completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application determining a student’s financial aid eligibility. FAFSA needs to be filled out each academic year through their website at

The Capital City School College Prep and FAFSA program offers every assistance possible for students and family to understand the importance of finding the right college.