Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

Offering students a variety of educational strategies to catch up, get ahead or explore electives to meet curriculum requirements for graduation.

Credit Recovery

Often, a single course credit can mean staying behind or graduating. “Credit recovery” is a wide variety of educational strategies and programs that Capital City School (CCS) offers for select high school students. It provides the opportunity for students who have failed a class or fell behind to earn the credit required. This is accomplished either by rebuilding the coursework or through equivalent alternative methods.

A few of the approaches that Capital City School crafts for students in order for them to recover their credits are: a) online courses through various websites, software, and applications; b) enrolling with two teachers at the same time; c) completing extra coursework; or c) a combination of two or all approaches.

This strategy reinforces students’ learning experience while putting them back on track towards graduation. Graduation rates at Capital City School have increased significantly with the credit recovery program. CCS constructs individualized academic plans with corresponding expectations without compromising standards. This way, we can maintain the quality of education. In addition, we closely evaluate the students’ mastery and progress before giving out credit. We monitor what every individual student needs to focus on and review further. Our faculty and staff maintain critical guidance in order to produce results and provide a chance for our students to earn their diplomas. We track credit accumulation as we project our students’ on-time graduation.

A-G Recovery

Certain high school courses are required by colleges such as the University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU). These courses are called “A-G” courses for the letter assigned for each subject area.

Below is the list of “A-G.”

A. History/Social Science (2 years)
B. English (4 years)
C. Mathematics (3 years, UC recommends 4)
D. Laboratory Science (2 years, UC recommends 3)
E. Language Other than English (2 years, UC recommends 3)
F. Visual/Performing Arts (1 year)
G. College Preparatory Elective (1 year)

Capital City School offers A-G recovery, which is structured to cover college prep curriculum through online study and resources. The A-G curriculum requirements are standardized by both UC and CSU systems for admission.

Super Seniors

Capital City School works closely with surrounding education sites and counselors to guide Super Seniors through graduation. We build and design an academic plan for certain Super Seniors to secure their track in accomplishing a high school education.

Capital City School’s credit recovery options program is structured in such a way that students receive credit based on the skills and knowledge they have acquired. Our online learning applications enable students to learn at their own pace, at their own time. Lastly, as with how our academic programs are large designed, it is individualized to optimize each student’s learning experience.