Course Catalog

Course Catalog


Course Agreements

  1. Course Agreements must be set up for a six-week period for each subject.
  2. Students must have individualized Course Agreements for every subject he/she is programmed to take.
  3. Assign one academic core subject and one or more general elective subjects for a maximum of six weeks.

Attendance Rosters

  1. Submit signed and dated attendance rosters to Idy on the week of the reporting period.
  2. Submit a copy of your attendance roster to the Principal weekly on Fridays before you leave for the day for the first month of school.

Transitional Assignments

  1. Every student must receive a transitional assignment on the last day of attendance with you.
  2. Do not permit a student to exit a course without an assignment to complete and carry to the newly assigned teacher.
  3. Do not allow a week to elapse between the Transfer-Out (T/O) and Transfer-In (T/I) dates. Otherwise, students would have accrued a week of truancies due to no fault of their own. Also, the new teacher will inherit a problem that could have been avoided.

Twelve-Week Semester Cycles

  1. Grading periods are a maximum of twelve weeks unless the course is designated otherwise and approved by the Principal.
  2. Do not keep students longer than twelve (12) weeks in a core subject without any intervention. The normal pace for a core subject is six (10-12) weeks. If a student is not on schedule, it means that he/she has missed work or is incapable of completing the assignment on his/her own.

Recording Grades

  1. After Students have completed a course, put grades into IC and make a copy to give to the Counselor Nguyen. Include in work sample copy of grade card (highlighted) course agreement and work sample.
  2. Review student’s transcripts regularly to ensure that all grades from the previous grading period are recorded.