Enrollment Information
The start of your journey towards an enriching education experience starts with enrollment.


1. Referral

Referrals for in district and transfer students may be obtained through the Student Hearing & Placement Office, at (916) 643-9425.

2. Orientation

Upon receiving your referral from the Student Hearing & Placement Office, each student will submit the required enrollment paperwork.

Enrolling in a program with Capital City School is voluntary and we want to help students and families determine if an alternative education curriculum is ideal.

All students are required to attend an orientation with our counselors and your parent/guardian prior to starting the program.

3. Enrollment

Upon acceptance into the program, the student’s transcripts will be assessed and the student will be assigned a teacher to guide you through the program.

4. After Enrollment

The student and teacher will schedule a “meet and greet” to review the completed orientation and homework packet to kick off the academic semester.