A referral from the Student Hearing & Placement Office must be obtained if the student is transferring from another school within the District. Student Hearing & Placement Office can be contacted at (916) 643-9425.


Once the required paperwork is accomplished and submitted, students must then attend an orientation with our Counselors with your parent/guardian prior to enrolling into our school. At the orientation, students will learn about the independent study program while parents and students fill out enrollment papers.
This orientation will help students and families determine if this alternative type of education is the proper environment to meet a student’s needs. Enrolling to CCS is a voluntary program. However, students and parents are required to sign a contract committing you to CCS.


Once the student decides to enroll in CCS, his/her transcripts and tests will be assessed. The students will be assigned a teacher to guide you through the program. An appointment time will be agreed upon by both the teacher and the student. Students are required to bring their completed orientation and homework packet to their first appointment.

After Enrollment

Every effort will be made by the CCS staff to place students in an educational program to guarantee progress and success. The teacher and the student will sign a course agreement to outline the work required to receive course credit. Once the coursework is completed, the appropriate credits or grades will be posted on the student’s transcript. If necessary, additional courses will be offered to satisfy your educational goal, as well as the school district’s graduation requirements.

Registration Process

To register for Capital City, please make an appointment with the Student Hearing & Placement Department located on 5735 47th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95824. 916 643 – 9425. Once you have the referral, please come to Capital City for orientation.

To register for Capital City School

CCS Enrollment Procedures

If you are a returning student to Capital City, you may come into the office at the main campus Monday-Friday to enroll for any one of our sites. Be sure to bring a parent if you are under 18 years of age and documentation that shows you have had your whooping cough booster.

If you are new to the district, you will need to apply at the Enrollment Office located at the Serna Center. For more information about this procedure, click here: SCUSD Enrollment Center

Enrolling from out of district to our district

Re-Entry or transfer

Registering Online