Return Health – Return Together
2020-2021 School Plan

Return Health – Return Together

Well this has been one crazy year, but we are excited that we are starting to be able to get back to some things that we used to be able to do and the biggest one yet, is getting to start seeing all of you in person soon.

SCUSD has been updating our “Return Together” health document EVERYDAY, to make sure that we are all safe and yet still making sure that all of our students get the education they deserve. 

This document seems very encumbersome, but honestly, it has so much information in there, and we all have so many questions and MOST of them are actually answered in this booklet that is so nicely put together by that team. If you do not read all of it, at least look at the pages that may pertain to you. There are multiple checklists towards the end and one is for parents, if you could just check it out, you may be surprised. 

Return together, Return to Health

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all back soon!